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Company activity


With more than 14 years of experience in the field of automation, the DISENS company offers only high-quality systems for the Ukrainian automation market. Always follows market trends and tendencies. Improves own and dealer qualifications by conducting free training.

Participate in local and international exhibitions.

Goals and mission


The mission of DISENS is to maximally contribute to the creation of a civilized automation market, where supplier-dealer relations are based on mutual trust and respect. The company's goal is to make a quality solution available for the modern market of Ukraine.

 The main goal of DISENS is to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of solutions on the market, which involves targeted work in the following areas:

 - tracking modern market trends through strengthening loyalty to the company's products and holding training events for further professional development;

 - increasing the company's indicators due to effective solutions, timely monitoring of current trends in the market and prompt adjustment;

 - managing the company through effective planning;

 - work according to European standards, innovative solutions in the field of automation, without which forward movement is impossible.

 DISENS plans to increase the company's market share by improving the quality of services and solutions, developing new directions and expanding the range of services.

Development prospects


The company carefully analyzes the market and predicts further directions of development.

The goal of DISENS is to strengthen its leadership position as a leading Ukrainian supplier of automation systems, as well as the further implementation of innovative technologies, without which the dynamic development of the modern automation market is impossible.

Product quality


The company practices an integrated approach. This means quality in everything, from the systems offered to the work of the employees. Due to this, the DISENS company provides quality services for its partners. Constant quality control of all systems is carried out at every stage.

Interaction with partners is based on the principles of trust and honesty, without which it is impossible to build successful relationships.

Each DISENS dealer can be sure that only high-quality systems, carefully tested and selected according to the customer's specifications, will be provided. That is why the solutions offered by DISENS on the market are reliable and high-quality.

Social responsibility


The company intends to increase the prestige of the Ukrainian automation market. Civilized relations between market participants. DISENS advocates the creation of an automation market in Ukraine, the company's management understands that this is impossible without the development of the state. Therefore, he takes an active part in the economic and social life of Ukraine. The company contributes to the development of state programs in the field of automation and charity.

The company understands its responsibility to society. Therefore, he takes an active part in helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine and those in need of help in the de-occupied territories. DISENS closely cooperates with various charitable foundations.

Values and principles


Transparency and availability of where the company operates.

 - the company's employees are the most important part of the business process.

 - relations with the dealer network are built on a long-term mutually beneficial basis and trust. Therefore, all dealers are friends of the company.

 - competitors on the market for the DISENS company are an incentive for further development.

 - DISENS respect the opinion of dealers and their customers, are not biased towards criticism and are always open to cooperation with integrators-installers.

 - we strive for every dealer to be satisfied when interacting with us.

 - DISENS contributes to the development of the automation market, understanding that the growth of the company is possible only during the progress of the entire country and the market in particular.

Ingredients of success


The main success of DISENS was and will be the company's flexibility, susceptibility to trends and openness to new things in the field of automation.

The foundations of the company are built on a comprehensive approach to tasks, the professionalism of each employee, honesty and responsibility towards their dealers and partners.

We are always open to dealers who want to become part of the Ukrainian market automation team.

The ultimate goal of the company is to improve the qualifications of the dealer network, increase demand in the automation market and make the system accessible to every resident of Ukraine.

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