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Smart home


Smart restaurant


Smart office


Smart hotel

The system can be installed both in a small apartment and in a large business office. The system can be expanded at any stage of construction. Corresponds to modern trends and trends of global automation systems.

Smart home

The set of the system depends on the technical task of the client and his financial capabilities.

It can include as a small set with minimal features. As well as full management of the entire house and territory.

What the customer gets:

  • first of all, the client gets the comfort of managing all systems as a single organism (light, climate, curtains, security and much more);

  • due to the control of all systems and their coordinated operation, the maximum saving of resources, including personal time, is achieved;

  • maximum security control;

  • the ability to control your property from anywhere in the world;

  • and more.

Дім в
ресторан в

Smart restaurant

In today's world, a restaurant must not only cook delicious food, but also follow modern trends. Namely, to be innovative and technological.

Restaurant owners are increasingly using automation systems.

Thus, they raise the level of their institution and simplify the current tasks of the staff. That saves time for both the owner and his employee. And it allows you to focus on the client.

The restaurant automation system allows you to control:

  • light;

  • light scenarios to emphasize the individual atmosphere of the institution;

  • control the musical accompaniment;

  • adjust comfortable climate control;

  • monitor video surveillance;

  • and more.

Smart office

A smart office is an office where you can work comfortably. This is a place where the ecosystem of premises is adjusted both to the manager and to the employees. This is achieved due to the correct setting of the automation system and allows you to control:

  • biodynamic lighting;

  • control of blinds;

  • climate control;

  • background sound;

  • video surveillance control;

  • flow control;

  • access control system to premises;

  • control of employees' working hours;

  • and more.

офіс в
готель в

Smart hotel

Modern hotel - Modern solution. These are two concepts that go hand in hand.

More and more often in the world, owners seek to increase the level of comfort and class of the hotel. This can be achieved with a number automation system.

A modern solution for number automation is:

  • when the room is prepared according to the client and his preferences;

  • easy number management;

  • coherence of system operation;

  • the ability of staff to control resources and achieve maximum savings for the owner;

  • control of possible water leaks;

  • room access control;

  • and more.

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